Saturday, March 08, 2008


We have a cat named Annie. She is sweet, cute, and cuddly, but sometimes she absolutely drives me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! As winter gives way to spring, she LOVES to be outside. You see she is somewhat of an indoor/outdoor cat. She prefers to go out at night under the cover of darkness. If the weather is nice, she will drive us crazy meowing at the door once twilight arrives and will usually stay out for quite a while. We’re not sure where she goes, but the neighbors’ backyard security light goes on and off a lot while she is out. Now, you would think that most indoor/outdoor cats wouldn’t still need a litter box, but not our cat!!!!!!! One night this week she meowed nonstop to get to go outside. We let her out and she had been exploring for a while when we heard her at the back door meowing to come back in. When we let her in, she ran straight to her litter box, took care of business and then straight back to the door and started meowing to go back outside!!!! What’s wrong with that cat?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! What crazy things do your pets do??????

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Four Days Late

This song has been around a while, but has just recently caught my attention. While I am not a big Southern Gospel music fan, the lyrics to this song bring me to tears everytime I hear it.

Four Days Late

The news came to Jesus please come fast.
Lazarus is sick and without Your help he will not last.
Mary and Martha watched their brother die
They waited for Jesus- He didn't come.
They wondered why.
The death watch was over; buried four days.
Somebody said He'll soon be here
The Lord's on His way.
Martha ran to Him and then she cried
"Lord if You had been here- You could have healed him. He'd still be alive.
But You're four days late; and all hope is gone.
Lord we don't understand why You've waited so long."
But His way is God's way.
It's not yours or mine
But isn't it great when He's four days late- He's still on time!
Jesus said, "Martha, show Me the grave."
But she said, "Lord You don't understand- he's been there four days!""
The grave stone was rolled back.
Then Jesus cried, "Lazarus! Come forth!"
Then somebody said, "He's ALIVE! He's ALIVE!"
Right know you may be fighting a battle of fear
You've cried to the Lord "I need You now!" But He has not appeared.
My friend don't be discouraged
Cause He's still the same.
He'll be right here and He'll roll back your stone and He'll call out your name!
When He's four days late and all hope is gone
Lord we don't understand why You've waited so long.
But His way is God's way it's not yours or mine
But isn't it great when He's four days late- He's still on time!
Oh my God it's great when He's four days late- He's still on time!!!