Monday, January 05, 2009

2009 thoughts

I usually don’t make resolutions because they seem to be traps by which to measure failure. It’s not that I think they are a bad idea, but my personality doesn’t exactly shine in the consistency and long-term goal area. The only resolution I thought I had ever kept was one to not make any resolutions, but alas, in making that resolution I had already failed by making it!! AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! This year I’m making intentions. Somehow the word seems less binding than resolutions therefore my free spirit still has room to wiggle, soar, and chase the occasional chicken! Here are my intentions for 2009:

Spiritually – to seek God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit in a more intimate relationship. I want to explore spirituality and come to understand if there is a difference between it and Christianity. How are they different, how are they similar? Are they one in the same? I want to be very intentional about spiritual relationships. I want to have spiritual conversations and relationships that go deeper than usual conversations of friendships. I want to “live in the moment” of every moment with God close at my side.

Personally – I want to achieve some semblance of a healthy lifestyle. Hitting the amazing 50 this last year really got my attention. I celebrate my age and am very happy to have made it this far! I want to honor the temple God gave me by physically, emotionally, and mentally taking better care of it.

Now for just the fun ones:
I want to try one new recipe each week. I get so tired of the same ole’ things for dinner all the time!
I want to work on a different room of the house each month. I intend to clean, purge, organize and decorate! While it’s not all that consistent with my personality, I love to organize stuff! Those clear containers for storage are almost as good as diamonds to me! Good news for Van!

That’s it. I’m really a very basic and simple person. My goals are realistic and as random as the rest of me! I'll let you know how it goes! I'll try to post my recipe of the week and occasional other insights as the year goes along.