Monday, January 30, 2006

Wow! Having sisters in Christ is an amazing blessing. Thank you for loving me. My daughter created a xanga for me back in November when I was home on sick leave recovering from major surgery so I could stay in touch with my students. Now she has moved me into the world of blogging. I thought I would just share my xanga entries from where I was studying in Nov.-Dec. It's amazing how God weaves our life and experiences together. I found myself in study of this passage again tonight.

If you haven't read John 21:15-25 do that before continuing. Can you imagine how emotionally
charged this moment must have been? Hollywood can't even create this kind of intensity.
Make sure you see this scene in your mind. You have Peter, precious sweet, bumbling Peter, standing there possibly even dripping wetfrom his most recent "man overboard" moment (read vs. 7-11.) Jesus looks him in the eye and straight through to his heart and asks the question, "Do you truly love me?..." And even more than that (as if that weren't powerful enough) "Do
you truly love me more than these?" Do you think Peter even heard the whole question? Who do you mean, "...more than these"? Do youremember who told Peter it was the Lord who was speaking to them (vs. 7)? Oh yes, John "the disciple whom Jesus loved". He is one of the "these" that Jesus is referring to when He said, "more than these". Wait, isn't this the bobbing for Jesus Peter (Mt. 14:29-30), the "give me a bath" Peter (Jn 13:6-9). The "I'll stick like glue! Peter (Jn.13: 36-37), the slice 'em and dice'em Peter (Jn 18: 10-11), and even the "Who me? Never knew him!" Peter (Jn 18:15 ff). Yes, all of them. That's the Peter Jesus asked, "Do you truly love me more than these?". The reply was simple and yet so profound. Almost instant, without hesitation or reserve (after all this is Peter we're talking about!) Peter didn't make excuses, he didn't try to justify his failures and place blame anywhere. He didn't try to "measure up" to the others, or cut anyone else down to size. Just as he was and with all that he wasn't, and maybe was finally beginning to understand all that he would never be just on his own but only through the power of Jesus. He simply just focused on Jesus, his Savior and Lord,and said, "Yes, Lord, you know that I love you." I don't think the question was for Jesus's information.Yes,
He did know. The question was for Peter. Yes, Lord. Yes, yes, yes! I love you! Just like
Peter, may we never stop proclaiming it!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

I am constantly amazed at the goodness of God. His design of life in the family of God is such a blessing. I'm currently reading the 21st chapter of John, verses 15-25 when Jesus reinstates Peter. I have found myself drawn this passage over and over lately. Take some time to read it and let the power of His word sweep over you. That's all for now.