Sunday, October 29, 2006

Who ever thought breathing could result in an injury?!

This is one of those entries that will make you feel better about yourself because you’re at least not as pathetic as me! We all have those moments when we suddenly realize our age, or the shape (in my case, lack there of) that we are in. As a rule, I rarely “feel” my age and it comes as quite a surprise to me that I’m quickly approaching the age of 50. However, this week I was reminded of my age by how pathetically out of shape I am. A generous friend has allowed me to have two of his sessions with his vocal coach because I have really been struggling with my voice ever since having a tube down my throat during surgery. Well, last Monday night was my first session and it really was great! She helped me with so many things, one of which was how I breathe. So in an effort to do it the right way I have been faithfully practicing how to breathe deeply. Here’s where the pathetic part comes in to play. I’m moving muscles I had long forgotten existed and they are rebelling!!!! In my over-exuberance for breathing correctly, I actually strained a muscle in my rib cage. So for several days I couldn’t take a deep breath without feeling like someone was stabbing me in the ribs!!!!!!!!! I actually had to break out the stinky liniment stuff to get it to loosen back up! Feel better about yourself now? If you’re feeling down about yourself sometime just let me know, I’m sure I will have done something else pathetic by then that I can share to make you feel better!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

An anniversary of sorts

My husband came home from work today exhausted, on day two of a killer headache, and ready to just collapse in front of the 3rd game of the World Series for a very deserved rest. That's what he should have done, but that's not what he did. You see today is an anniversary of sorts for me. One year ago today I had major surgery that took me out of school for 6 wks of sick leave and really out of most of the rest of life for several months. Having fibromyalgia makes recovery from any illness a challenge, but this was especially hard. It took months to get back any strength or endurance to do anything more than go to school and church. All the while the doctor kept saying, "Just give it one year and you will be amazed at how much better you feel!" Well, it has taken the better part of a year to get there, but today is the day. I'm happy to report that the doctor was right and things are so much better, but that's not what this post is really about. Back to my husband who by all rights had earned and needed a night of peace and quiet. He knew today was a big deal to me which made it a big deal to him too. He's just like that. He came home and said, "Let's go!" First, he took me out to our new house to get a glimpse of the new carpet going in. Then, he did the most perfect thing! Fall is my favorite season, fall colors are my favorite colors, I absolutely LOVE FALL! A few weeks after my surgery, as soon as I could walk as far as the car and sit up for a short while, he took me for a drive on Highway 20 between Owasso and Claremore. It's not a long drive, but there is a short distance where the road winds along a tree lined road that is absolutely beautiful! He knew seeing the colors would make me feel like I was part of the world again last year so to celebrate this major landmark in my life today, he took me back tonight to the same path. As we were driving down the road tonight listening to a Zoe CD, the pasture land was pretty and the trees here and there were pretty too, but as we suddenly came around the bend on each side of the road as high as you can see you are suddenly immersed in color from the trees, tons and tons of trees! The song on the CD was the last chorus of "How Great is Our God!" I was so overwhelmed by the love of a God that would love me so much to create the perfect husband for me and the beauty of the perfect season for me that I wept tears of gratitude for my healing that is now complete. Isn't love an amazing thing! Thank you God for husbands who love us as you meant for wives to be loved, for seasons of unexplainable beauty, and for times of healing for our bodies, minds, and souls.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Taking up the cross

Lately my thoughts have been all around the cross and my relationship to it. The power of the cross intrigues me and holds my attention captive. I find my mind staring at it, trying to comprehend all it means, all it's meant to be. It's like those crazy 3D pictures! If you stare at them long enough supposedly the image emerges from the color scheme. I've never been able to see those pictures, I just have to trust those around me that there really is more there! That's sort of how I see the cross. I see some of what is there, but I long to see more. I believe it holds more beauty, grace, and love than my feeble brain can comprehend. Just like staring at the 3D pictures, I long to see more, to fully understand with my mind what my heart finds so easy to understand.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Every week should start with a hike in the woods and a picnic!

What an incredible weekend! The Zoe conference was amazing, which to those of you who have been, that comes as no big surprise. I was a first timer and I don't ever want to miss it. I told both of my principals first thing this morning that next year I want to go for the whole thing! Our life has been so crazy for the last three years, there hasn't even been time to breathe. This weekend I caught my breath and I'm refreshed, renewed, and ready to keep pressing on. There's nothing like intimate, passionate worship, learning how to be a spiritual friend, Sunday morning at Otter Creek church, bonding over some really great meals and some not-so-great meals (sorry about the chili cheese nachos with onions at a truck stop! What was I thinking?!?!), and a LONG ride home to laugh, sing, and share our hearts, hurts, and dreams to bring you closer to Him and to precious friends. I thought it couldn't get any better than that, then God gave me Monday too. It was the perfect Monday, God was so gracious to continue my heart's flight for me. We took the 4th & 5th grade to Oxley Nature park today. I found myself hiking through the woods enjoying nature and humming "How Great is Our God" for an entire mile. My students would look at me and just smile, not the "what a crazy lady smile", but the smile of understanding and acceptance because they could tell that my heart was light and they were just enjoying riding along as my heart soared. God is so good. Just when you think you can't bear up any longer, He gives you an indescribable weekend with Him and relationships with brothers & sisters that can only grow deeper in Christ, and a great Monday too!