Monday, October 23, 2006

Taking up the cross

Lately my thoughts have been all around the cross and my relationship to it. The power of the cross intrigues me and holds my attention captive. I find my mind staring at it, trying to comprehend all it means, all it's meant to be. It's like those crazy 3D pictures! If you stare at them long enough supposedly the image emerges from the color scheme. I've never been able to see those pictures, I just have to trust those around me that there really is more there! That's sort of how I see the cross. I see some of what is there, but I long to see more. I believe it holds more beauty, grace, and love than my feeble brain can comprehend. Just like staring at the 3D pictures, I long to see more, to fully understand with my mind what my heart finds so easy to understand.